30 minute energy reading and healing around one issue or question. I read your energy system, mainly chakras, aura layers and your grounding cord for about 25 minutes then a 5 minute healing at the end using a universal healing energy.

Topics include relationships, employment, finances and health. I can look at your energy around issues including anxiety, addiction or insomnia. I can also read your pet animal for issues around behavior, well-being and health, etc.

Contact information,my name is Sheena: email sheenab00@yahoo.com (zero zero) to schedule your healing appointment via phone or Facetime.

I also do remote readings, can read your energy from a distance with your permission and share what came up via phone or email.

I do not give advice or cannot tell the future, I can read your energy around an issue and help you get your own information.

Recent readings:

Why am I attracting in people who blindside?

Why do I not trust people?

Why can I not just get over an ex?

Why is my dog barking all the time?

Fear of flying?

If I get a job offer, feeling indecisive, blocks to getting my own information around what I should do?

Insomnia, people-pleasing, attracting in people with personality disorders?

Phone no. 415-845 0875

*First reading free*

Fee: $20 via PayPal: sheenab00@yahoo.com